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Jan Hakura

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PostSubject: Rules   Wed Mar 14, 2007 4:07 pm

RP fights:

-respect the hierarchy of the classes. Don't keep on fighting. know when to give up or we'll be stuck with eternal figths.
-Don't Overdo it. Just because you have some archaic bloodline does NOT mean that a shinigami academy student can beat up a captain. you can do it if you go up to lieutenant, but before that, only fight people at your range.
-don't curse while you fight or say some odd cliche like "Very uber-smexy, but will you be able to dodge my next attack?" or something like that
-be ethical. Ichigo would be raped every time if he had to fight a hollow with a massively powerful Soul Slayer. Please, Other than Arrancar (whose soul slayers aren't true soul slayers) and Vizard, don't have a hollow use a soul slayer. Quincies--well, that's okay, as if they die and join soul society, they retain their old abilities.
-DON' T USE ABILITIES FROM OTHER ANIME! That means no chidori, Rasengan, Wind Scar, Megabuster, alchemy or god knows what else, Sasukefan224, Inuyashafan12, Megaman.EXE, and AlLuver, this means you.
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king the devils


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PostSubject: Re: Rules   Wed Jun 20, 2007 10:20 am

so could u use bankai if ur a academy student
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