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 Rules after you log on

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Jan Hakura

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PostSubject: Rules after you log on   Wed Mar 14, 2007 4:00 pm

Generic Rules:
-no overdone cursing. I can put up with a bit, but don't go "F*ck you you F*cking Wh*re" and all that. that would just take up space.
-when RPing, here is a basic format:
*balblablab*: action
<blablablab>: scene
blablabla: inner thoughts (keep rated PG-13, even if you secretly are cursing your lungs out)
-all of us make spelling mistakes. I tend to make them too, but try to correct it. Not all of us can read raped english, and it would be scarier if it were in Italian or French. Please, talk to us in legible english.

Character creation
-I strongly dislike godmodding. PLEASE, we are not all child prodigies who become captains at 12. Please be nice enough to be a normal guy, without your "whole family massacred by hollows" or something like that. Stick with just a dad or mom, if you must do so.
-Like i said, no names of main characters if you can help it. I won't stop you if you really are an Uber-overdone fan of Ichigo, but please, usually make up a name.
-please, make some regular abilities, no sealed demons (you can, but don't overdo it) or Naruto-styled bloodlines. We don't need Ichigo224 "Chidori"-ing Rukia24, who fights back with a Byukagan. This is called Bleach for a reason.

RP fights:

-respect the hierarchy of the classes. Don't keep on fighting. know when to give up or we'll be stuck with eternal figths.
-Don't Overdo it. Just because you have some archaic bloodline does NOT mean that a shinigami academy student can beat up a captain. you can do it if you go up to lieutenant, but before that, only fight people at your range.
-don't curse while you fight or say some odd cliche like "Very uber-smexy, but will you be able to dodge my next attack?" or something like that
-be ethical. Ichigo would be raped every time if he had to fight a hollow with a massively powerful Soul Slayer. Please, Other than Arrancar (whose soul slayers aren't true soul slayers) and Vizard, don't have a hollow use a soul slayer. Quincies--well, that's okay, as if they die and join soul society, they retain their old abilities.


-if you ever marry, don't be an adulterous guy and cheat on your woman, we have trouble keeping track of that kind of stuff. Being Gay and Lesbian--well, i'm okay with it, but don't over do it.
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Rules after you log on
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