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 Character creation

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PostSubject: Character creation   Sun Sep 12, 2010 9:11 pm

Name : Nero manatama

class: soul reaper in training

age 180

apperance: he is a white, 5 foot 8 inches tall 220ibs male. He wears a standard Shinigami outfit exept a gold crescent moon necklace given to him by a dead friend. He has blue eyes and long black hair. He sheathed is zanpaktou around his waist. He has a scar across his chest from a hollow that attacked him when he was a child. When he summons his hollow mask it covers his face and half of the crown of his head. The mask is perlecent white with two horns on the crown and one in his forehead forming a upsidown triangle. In his second hollow form he takes the form of a lizzard like hollow with the hollow hole in his pecks and longer horns.

Zanpaktou: kokujin (judgment)
sealed state: a kattana with a golden dragon down it's hilt. It has a circular hand gaurd and a red hilt. It's release command is on those who commit sin, pass.

Fighting style: vaapad

First release form: it takes the form of a pair of silver gauntlets and greaves that go up to his elbows and are sorounded by lightning.
justice ( a ball of lightning thrown out at the opponent. Shocks the opponent on contact)

dragon strike (summons a blue dragon made of lightning otherwise self explanatory)

lightning crush kick ( again self explanatory)

Second release (bankai): it transforms into a full body suit with wings. It has a mask that covers his whole face excluding one eye. It is still sorounded by lightning and is much more powerful than shikai.

black dragon devestation ( a stronger version of dragon strike)

punishing striker ( a stronger version of justice. Creates a black ball that explodes when it hits)

decision of the dragon ( a stronger version of the lightning crush kick.)

history: as a child a hollow attacked his house. It killed his parents and injured him giving him a scar across his chest. He had a brother that dissapered one year before the attack. Then fourty years ago his freind died from a hollow. So after that he vowed he would become a soul reaper and protect the inocent souls of the living world. He first joined the shīno academy to train. Then he decided that he needed to be stronger if he was to protect the souls. He trained for 10 years to learn his zanpaktou's name. Then he was told that another release for his zanpaktou. Also that another power lived within him, a darker power. He worked again for 5 extra years to learn how to control his inner hollow and bankai. One day he fought a hollow and it suprised him with a cero. He was knocked unconssios and nearly died. Hie talked with the inner hollow. It said that he can't die yet he hasn't fufilled his duty and that he wouldn't let Nero die. Some how it unlocked the hidden power of the second hollow form, Vasto Lorde. And now he is still working to become a full soul reaper.

Forms: shikai, bankai, hollowfied, 2nd hollow form

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Character creation
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