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PostSubject: bleach   Mon Dec 14, 2009 1:02 am

class: arrancar
apperence: human shaped but with a horn on the right side of his head and armour plates going down the back of it.
fighting style:likes all out war
Zanpakuto:kunuheru (master of hell)
Sealed state:when sealed nestumo can controll
his power and is swift with every kill
Initial release:nestumo sees blood and gose into a frenzy and releases his 1st form witch is growing a 2nd horn and his hands tern to claws and he gose a deeper read skin.
Final Release:when he tasts blood he releases his final form witch is a gient demon with black plate armour 2 gient horns and a demonic sword and on the other hand a 3 fingerd claw witch i call hells grip in this form he ganes emence power and canot be stoped easly.

Strengths:size emence speed and can controll enyone he puts part of his inner fire (soul) in
Weaknesses:size easy to outrun will fight till hes dead.

and merry christmass ^^ rendeer
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