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 character creation

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PostSubject: Bleach Character   Fri Jul 01, 2011 2:14 pm

Name: Sosuka Hentai
Age: 19
Class: Visard,Arrancar
Abilities: Bankai
Zanpakuto Heart Of Moon
Sealed state: In a Sheath
Normal state: Black Katana
Bankai State: Gets bigger and uses the energy of moonlight to control its power.
Strongest Attack: When it hits its full pontential,the swords starts sending out really skinny peices of water that can cut through anything.(This attack is called Soul of Moon and can only be used without bankai)
Strengths Full power on a full moon
Weaknesses Can't turn into bankai when there is a New Moon.Can't use the Soul of Moon attack.
Likes:Soul Reapers, To Chill
Dislikes Hollows
Favorite food (optional): Chocolate
Least favorite food (optional)Peppers

Normal Form: Bankai:
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PostSubject: Character Creation   Sat Jul 02, 2011 12:03 pm

Name: Your character's name
Age: Obvious
Class: Soul Reaper
Appearance: Normal: Bankai:
Fighting Style Shinigami
Zanpakuto Kimpakto
Sealed state:In a Sheath
Initial release:Long electric Wip
Final Release: idk
Strengths Lighting storm
Weaknesses Rain
Likes Soul Reapers
Dislikes Hollows,Arracars
Favorite food (optional) Pizza
Least favorite food (optional) Hamburgers
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PostSubject: rpg info   Thu Jul 07, 2011 1:05 am

Name: Sai Shiba
Age: 14
Class: Visard,Shinigami
Appearence: Tall with black hair covering face, male. Wears a plain
black T-shirt and dark assassin pants.
Fighting style: Fights from afar by throwing kunai and shuriken. When
mask is released, increases fatality of kunai and doubles the size of
the shuriken. Mask stays on for 10 minutes.
ZanPakuto; Release command: Pierce to death, Shivola.
Strengths: Doesn't show mercy to weak enemies. Supports allies
from behind. Can kill a hollow 1/2 miles away. Strategic mind.
Weaknesses: Can be fooled by a "dying" enemy. Puts trust in most
of the wrong people. Bores easily if fighting an enemy for too long.
Likes: Mashiro Kuna, killing all that interfier, sleeping, killing hollows to
increase skills. Assisting allies while not being noticed by enemy.
Dislikes: Soul Reapers, Arrancars
Attitude: Quiet and "stalker-ish" only attacks for a good reason.

Story: Most people ask him this question," Are you related to Kaien Shiba?" He always responds, "I don't know..." Sai was orphaned at the age of 6, then was killed in a fire at the age of 7. A Soul-Reaper squad in the world of the living find him in an open field fending for himself against a Class S hollow. The Soul-Reapers barely save him and defeat the hollow. One of them asked, "What's your name?" They all stared down at him, causing him to stutter. "S.....Sai...Shiba." They all were astounded at the name. One of them stepped forward and tapped their zanpakuto's hilt butt on my forehead and i was teleported to a weird district. : 3 years later: Sai is now graduated from the Soul Reaper Academy. He bacame the leutenant of Rojuro Otoribashi when he turned 13. : 1 year later: It's been one year of being a leutenant and wondering if Kiske Uruhara is right in the head. Then one day, an accident happened. The Head Captain called a emergency captains meeting which Sai chose to follow Rojuro "a.k.a. Rose" and hide behind the wall with Lisa Yadomaru. They both were shocked to hear that Keinsei and Mashiro's spiritual pressure has completely vanished. The Head Captain called the names of the members that will be going out to the area that they were camping. They all headed out to find that Keinsei and Mashiro went through some weird transformation. The next second later, he was knocked out cold. : A week later: Sai finds himself in a creepy warehouse in the World of the Living.He lookrd around and saw that the other Captains and Leutenants that were there that night were asleep as well. :Present time: Trains with the Visards to prepare with the up-coming fight with the Arrancars.
(Sai Shiba is related to Kaien Shiba, but he wasnt aware of his older brother's death because he was a Visard in the world of the Living.)
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PostSubject: Re: character creation   Thu Jan 03, 2013 9:30 am

Name: Yukizome Sara

Age: 15

Class: Shinigami (new captain of squad 9)

Zanpukto: tayo no kane (variety bells)

strengths: Sara i able to keep everyones hopes up and she is a super speedy shunko user.

weeknesses: When sara shes someone close to her get killed she gets freaked out or emotionally angry, if the person is super close to her (for example toshiro or jushiro) she might get driven to the extent that she might kill her self.

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PostSubject: Re: character creation   

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character creation
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