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 Character creation

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PostSubject: Character creation   Wed Jan 28, 2009 11:10 am

Name:Raito Tensou AKA:The Lightning God

Age:died at 17 reanimated a year later over 3000


also wears a Stray Captian Cloak

Fighting Style:Vaapad, Longbow

Zanpakuto:Kurai Denkou

Sealed State:Katana

Initial Realese:Katana Blade with a Cutlass guard and a Black Diamond on the hilt.

Shikai:Hurls a barrage of lightningbolts at the enemy or scattered in different places.

Bankai:Summons a Thunderhead Stormcloud of which Riato has complelte control over this cloud.

Abilitys:Manipulating Lightning
Cheating Death

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Character creation
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