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 Rules (no duh.)

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Jan Hakura

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PostSubject: Rules (no duh.)   Wed Mar 14, 2007 4:59 pm

Basic rules
1: don't make these outrageously long names--nobody likes that.
2: please, don't just sign up and never play--that would be just cruel
3: be original. I know Naruto games with people who go around calling themselves "Kakashi01, Kakashi08, Kakashi224, Sasuke334, Lee22", and all that. So Please, make up your own character, don't always go with popular guys like Hitusagaya and Ichigo and call yourself some uber-unoriginal name like "Ichigo24".
4: don't have any offensive names like "n_gger" or "biatch".
5: strongly dislike godmodding. PLEASE, we are not all child prodigies who become captains at 12. Please be nice enough to be a normal guy, without your "whole family massacred by hollows" or something like that. Stick with just a dad or mom, if you must do so.
6Like i said, no names of main characters if you can help it. I won't stop you if you really are an Uber-overdone fan of Ichigo, but please, usually make up a name.
-please, make some regular abilities, no sealed demons (you can, but don't overdo it) or Naruto-styled bloodlines. We don't need Ichigo224 "Chidori"-ing Rukia24, who fights back with a Byukagan. This is called Bleach for a reason.
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Rules (no duh.)
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